"According to the effort is the reward."

I hate the whole…

Merry Christmas thing… I get really sick of people thinking that everyone is a Christian and accepts Christ as the messiah.. Like really? Jade and I went into a store near our house to pick up a few things and as we were checking out the two employees working the registers were having an in depth conversation about why is “fucking bullshit” that they have to say ” happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas”… First off, if that’s your opinion, fine.. It’s personally not my business.. But that being said, DON’T MAKE IT MY BUSINESS!! Save that conversation for a time outside of work.. Or at least a time when a man wearing a yarmulke and tzitzis, and a woman wearing a tichel aren’t in the store. I honestly should have said something but I figured, it’s really hard to fight stupidity.. And i would probably waste more time than it was worth.. The funniest part was(and I don’t mean to get stereotypical) the woman that initiated the conversation was very.. For lack of better terms “butch” looking.. I don’t want to get to in depth because I will have a million lesbians on my tumblr harassing me because I’m “anti-gay”(which for the record, inane no right to feel that way and I’m absolutely not.. If you love someone, go for it! I couldn’t be happier for you.) but coming from someone who has to fight for their basic human rights, I was appalled. How can someone blatantly disregard the rights of other people when they know they lack their own civil liberties? Anyway, the point is that it’s a beautiful time of year with the first falling of snow, hot cocoa, and family. Lets all respect each other and have a wonderful winter. :)

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